Visiting Melbourne


For all our interstate and international visitors, here are our tips for how to get here and where to stay!

Travelling to Melbourne via:

Plane? Try to only fly into Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine). There is another airport in Avalon, but it is very far away. If you’re pressed for time, just catch an Uber/taxi/rideshare to the Thursday social. There are clear signs for queues at the airport. If a friend is picking you up, head outside towards the ‘Pick-Up Zone’ on the ground floor. If you want to get public transport, you can catch the SkyBus to Southern Cross station ($22 one way) and then get a tram/bus/train to the social/your accom (you’ll need to buy a $6 Myki transport card and load up funds at Southern Cross station, or if you have an Android phone you can have a digital Myki).

Train? Any regional/interstate trains coming into Melbourne usually arrive at Southern Cross station in the CBD. You can choose whether to get Uber/taxi/rideshare or public transport with a Myki card (see above).

Car? Google Maps is the way to go for traffic advice. Take your time reading the parking signs. They can be complicated and ticket inspectors in the inner north are very active. Traffic can get pretty bad around Melbourne so leave plenty of time. The streets around the venues are usually very narrow as well, so be mindful when parking.

Getting around

Public transport is pretty good around Melbourne, just make sure you have a Myki transport card, or a digital Myki on your Android phone.

Rideshare: There are a few different rideshare options in Melbourne: Uber, Didi, Shebah (only female drivers) and Ola.

Catch a ride with a fellow dancer: it’s likely there will be lots of Melbournians driving to/from venues and will be happy to give you a lift, just ask!

Getting to the late-night venue: at the end of each social we will attempt to connect people who need a ride to people with cars to get to the late-night venue.


Melbourne has many accommodation options. If you want to be in the centre of the venues, aim for these suburbs: Brunswick, Brunswick East, Carlton North, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, North Melbourne, Northcote, Thornbury.

Pro Tip! Both the Coburg and Brunswick Town Halls are on the 19 tram line and Upfield train line. The 19 tram will be inactive during MLX but there may be replacement buses available.

Accommodation options

AirBnbs: aim for the suburbs above.

Hotels: the Carlton Hotel and Brunswick Tower Hotel are both on the 19 tram line which is great for Coburg and Brunswick Town Halls.

Find a host: get in touch with a friend/fellow dancer in Melbourne

Hostels: most hostels are in the CBD, but if you want one a bit more north, try the Nunnery in Fitzroy.