MLX Code of Conduct

Melbourne Lindy Exchange (MLX) is dedicated to providing a safe event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity or religion (or lack thereof). Every person at our event (including attendees, DJs, volunteers, band members and staff) has an absolute right to feel safe and respected at all times. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying or inappropriate behaviour.

Every person attending or associated with MLX in any capacity is required to abide by the MLX Code of Conduct at all times. If you violate the following standards of conduct, we may ask you to leave the event immediately and will notify the police if necessary. We may ask you not to return over the course of the weekend, or to future events. We reserve the right to decide who attends MLX. 

We expect every person to take ownership of their language.

  • This means not using racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist, transphobic, sexualised, rude or violent language, or language designed to make another person feel uncomfortable or inferior. 

We expect every person to take ownership of their actions. For example:

  • Do not touch someone else without asking first. Do not touch anyone inappropriately.
  • Stop touching someone if they ask or tell you to.
  • Only closely embrace someone with their consent.
  • NEVER attempt aerials, lifts or drops on the social dancing floor.
  • In a jam, ensure you have consent to perform an aerial, lift or drop, with every partner, every time. (Throwing your partner off their own weight without consent in any way or for any reason is a violation of personal space and safety.)
  • Take proactive steps to find out whether the person you are dancing with is comfortable. Watch for body language cues or check in verbally with your partner.
  • It is your right to refuse any dance, for any reason at any time. It is your right to stop dancing with someone at any time for any reason. You do not have to give a reason for refusing or leaving a dance. 
  • Respect other attendees – if someone says no to you, accept it. 

If your behaviour is or becomes inappropriate because you are under the influence of any substance you will be asked to leave the event.

If someone lets you know, verbally or non-verbally, that they are feeling uncomfortable, check your behaviour, apologise sincerely, and make a change immediately.

Sexual Harassment

This policy is based on the Victorian standard.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual behaviour that could make a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. It can be a symptom of gender inequality and most often – but not always – affects women. Sexual harassment can be a single incident or repeated behaviour; a suggestive comment or an offensive joke. It doesn’t matter what the intention is, sexual harassment is against the law. 

Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or written. It can include:

  • comments about a person’s private life or the way they look
  • sexually suggestive behaviour, such as leering or staring
  • brushing up against someone, touching, fondling or hugging
  • sexually suggestive comments or jokes
  • displaying offensive photos or objects
  • repeated requests to go out
  • requests for sex
  • sexually explicit emails, text messages or posts on social media
  • sexual assault
  • suggestive behaviour.

Some types of sexual harassment may also be offences under criminal law, such as indecent exposure, stalking and sexual assault, as well as obscene or threatening communications, such as phone calls, letters, emails, text messages and posts on social media.


Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse that causes the other person distress and/or creates a risk to a person’s health and safety (including mental health). Bullying is not the same as conflict between people (like having a fight or argument) or disliking someone.

In the most severe cases, bullying behaviours can now be treated as a crime in Victoria.

Sexual harassment and bullying behaviours will not be tolerated at MLX. It is your responsibility not to sexually harass or bully other people. Educate yourself on what types of behaviour are appropriate, and act accordingly. Always seek consent.

These rules also apply to all online and electronic forms of communication that are associated with this event.