Making a Report

MIX Reporting Procedures

What happens when I make a report?

The answer to this question may depend on the method through which you report to us.

If you report an issue during MIX:

  • As MIX is an entirely online event, you can report an issue immediately during the event by calling us or emailing us. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to respond to your report in person. 
  • The MIX Safe Spaces team member will record your report in our report template. 
  • We will ask you to review the written report for accuracy and ask whether you wish to remain anonymous on the report. 
  • We will ask you what action you would prefer that we take, or what outcome you would like to see as a result of your report. 
  • With your permission, we will take action based on your report, while protecting your identity, if you so request. 
  • Actions we are able to take when a report is made during the event include:
    • Monitoring the behaviour of an attendee as best we are able, without informing that person that a report has been made about their behaviour;
    • Issuing a formal direction to an attendee regarding the standards of behaviour we require from them at the event, outlining consequences for breaching the Code of Conduct;
    • Removing a person from the event;
    • Issuing a formal ban from the event;
    • Contacting the police. 
  • If our action involves approaching an individual to inform them that a report has been made, we will inform them of the substance of the information in the report form (subject to any request by the reporter for anonymity). 
  • If we consider that your report reveals that an attendee of MIX presents a danger to other attendees of the event, we may proceed to remove that person from the event, even without permission from you. We will however inform you of what action we intend to take and will conceal your identity as best we can, subject to your wishes. 
  • If we have approached another attendee of MIX with a warning, direction or request to leave, we will follow this up after MIX. We will contact you with the information we propose to send to the attendee. We will then contact that attendee to provide them with the opportunity to respond to us (as there is no capacity to provide this opportunity during MIX). 
  • We will consider any response we receive and consider whether any formal decision is required. We will contact both parties with our decision. 

If you use our anonymous form

  • We will review your report and decide whether we believe it is necessary to take action based on what you have told us. 
  • However, as we won’t be able to contact you to obtain your permission before acting, this will in most cases limit the actions that we will be able to take. 
  • We also won’t have a way of getting in touch with you to let you know what action we took.
  • We take all anonymous reports seriously and will action them as best we are able with the information provided.  

If you make a report by email during the year

  • When you contact us, you might do so in person, or by email. Our official response will be by way of email, so we both have a record of what’s going on, and so you can sit down somewhere quiet and review what we’ve written and take your time to think about it. 
  • Two MLX Safety committee members will handle your report. 
  1. We will compile the information you provide us into our official report template. The official report is a way for us to organise the information you give us. Please include as much detail as possible, including times or dates, to help us compile it.
  2. We will provide the report to you for review. You can ask us to add or change any of the information in the report. You can ask us to redact information and you can ask to remain anonymous. 
  3. We will then, with your permission, provide the redacted or edited copy of the report to the person you made a report about, via email. We will request that that person make a response to us within a two week period. 
  4. Once we receive a response from the person you made a report about we will consider both it and the information you provided us. 
  5. In some limited cases we may ask you to respond to some of the information they have provided us. 
  6. We will evaluate the information we receive and the action you might have requested us to take. 
  7. We will then make a decision about what action MLX will take in relation to the report made. We will consult with you in relation to the implementation of our proposed decision. 
  8. Please note that any decision made by MLX reflects our internal event policies and does not represent a judgment about the relative culpability of any person about whom a report is made. 
  9. We will inform all parties about our decision. 


Can I request to remain anonymous? 

  • You can request to remain anonymous in the report that we provide to the person you made a report about. 
    • Please note, there may be circumstances where we cannot guarantee anonymity (for instance, where the substance of the report cannot be meaningfully conveyed to someone without identifying information that may allow them to deduce that you made the report). We will always confer with you before providing the report to the person you made a report about. 
    • MLX requires that the person you made a report about does not try to contact you in any way while the reporting process is ongoing. Any attempt to contact you before the safe spaces process concludes (whether directly or through a third party) will be regarded as a breach of the MLX Code of Conduct, and will strongly influence our decision of whether or not to issue a ban to an attendee of the event. If a person that you made a report about wants to contact you following the conclusion of the reporting process, MLX requires that they contact MLX as an intermediary. We will seek your permission before passing any information on. 
    • If a person you made a report about contacts you without your permission, MLX will assist you if you wish to contact the police to report their behaviour. 
  • Given the information above, you may not want us to provide the report to the person you made a report about, in any form. Please note, in some cases, this will limit what action MLX is able to take in relation to your report. 

What action can MIX take once I make a report?

  • If you don’t want us to provide information about your report to the person you made a report about, we can:
    • monitor their behaviour during the year (with your assistance to continue making reports to us), and particularly during MIX as best as we are able. 
  • If you are happy for us to provide the report (in a redacted form or otherwise) to the person you made a report about, we can:
    • Issue that person with an official warning;
    • Issue that person with an official direction;
    • Ban the person temporarily from our event;
    • Ban the person permanently from our event. 
  • When you make a report to us, you are welcome to suggest what outcome you would prefer. 
  • As each situation is unique, MIX cannot guarantee the outcome you request. 
    • Our primary concern is the safety of everyone at our event, including you. In some cases, even if you don’t want us to take any action, we may consider that someone who is a danger to others (including you) needs to be removed from the event. In this case, we will do everything within our power to protect your privacy. 
    • You may request that someone be banned from attending MIX in a situation where we consider that the risk can be managed by issuing that person a warning or a direction. In this situation, we will provide a range of support services to you during the event and monitor the person you made a report about extremely closely. Any breach of our warnings or directions will result in their removal from our event. 

What if the person I made a report about is on the safe spaces team or on the MLX/MIX/MJDA committee? (MLX and MIX are used interchangeably)

  • MLX staff are all bound by the MLX Code of Conduct. Any report about MLX staff will be treated as seriously as a regular report. 
  • MIX’s safety team comprises of six individuals, at least one of whom will be in attendance at each event of MIX. Our team is large, so that if a report is made about one team member, it can be actioned by other team members. If a report is made about any team member they will cease all safety duties and step down from the team until the report is resolved.
  • You are welcome to request in the subject line of your contact email to us that your report be kept private to a single member of the Safe Spaces Committee. 
  • Please note, if you make a private report about a member of the safety team your report will be actioned by at least two (other) members of the safety team. 

Who gets to know about my report?

  • Only the members of the MLX Safe Spaces committee will be made aware of your report. 
  • If someone is banned from MLX as a result of your report, the MLX committee and MLX door managers will be told the name of the person who has been banned from MLX, but not any information about you or the report you made. 

What if I don’t want anyone else on the MLX committee/safe spaces team to know about my report? 

  • Reports are kept privately by the MLX Safe Spaces team, and are not shared with the wider MLX committee.
  • If you do not want members of the MLX Safe Spaces team to know the substance of your report, please feel free to make this request. Please note, at least two MLX Safe Spaces team members must action your report. However, your report can be kept private from the rest of the team. 

Can you share the information with other schools and events?

  • For the most part, MLX is not able to share the information you provide us with other schools or events. MLX is also not necessarily aware of information you have previously provided to other schools or events. 
  • We strongly recommend reporting your information to any events/schools you plan on attending. You are welcome to use the template we draw up when actioning your report to simplify the process of making reports to other schools. 
  • MLX may inform other schools of the substance of our decision (the outcome). 

What happens when a temporary ban expires?

If we have banned someone from MLX for a temporary period of time, we require that they contact us to request to return to MLX. We require that individuals that have been banned from MLX demonstrate that they no longer present a threat to the community through their attendance at our event. Demonstrating this is a high bar, as MLX has a low tolerance for assuming risk.

If we believe that someone has sufficiently demonstrated this to us, we will contact you to seek your response to any decision we propose to make. You will have an opportunity to respond to us and to request that we take a certain outcome. We will consider your request very seriously in making our decision.

Making a report about safety can be a stressful and upsetting process. The MLX Safety team are here to help you as best we can. Please note, we don’t have the resources to provide full counselling and support to you. We strongly recommend seeking support from friends and family, and also contacting the services listed below:

Sexual Assault Crisis Line VIC

1800 806 292

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia

1800 211 028


1800 737 732

Victorian Women’s Health Service

(03) 9664 9300

Beyond Blue

(03) 9810 6100

What should I do if a friend is uncomfortable about someone’s behaviour at MIX or otherwise?

If you see someone behaving in a manner that causes you to feel concern, you do not have to approach that person on your own, whether it is at MIX or otherwise. Please let us know about what you saw. We will treat your report seriously and with respect. 

Please do not approach someone at MIX and ask them to leave the event. Please make a report to the Safe Spaces committee, so that we can take the appropriate action.