Champions Cup – Australian Qualifier Competition

Ready to Dance Fast?

MLX is very proud to be a Savoy Cup qualifying event.

What is the Savoy Cup?

The Savoy Cup is an annual swing dancing competition held every year in Montpellier, France. The event consists of many divisions, including Solo, Team, Mix’n’Match and Strictly divisions. The next Savoy Cup will be held in April 2024.

And the Champions Cup?

The Champions Cup is one of the divisions of the Savoy Cup. It is a super fast battle-style strictly competition. This event is only open to those who have won a Qualifier event leading up to Savoy Cup.

So What’s Happening at MLX?

MLX is very proud to be one of the international qualifying events, Champions Cup – Australia Qualifier. That means that whoever wins the MLX competition is eligible to enter the Savoy Cup Champions Cup division in April 2024!

What do the MLX Winners Get?

If you place first at MLX, you will win a FREE Party Pass to Savoy Cup 2024, entry to the Champion Cup division and money raised from the MLX competition entry fees to support your travel expenses! The more entrants, the bigger the prize pool!

So How Does It Work?

How Do I Enter?

First, find yourself a partner! The entry fee is $60 AUD per couple. Check back here closer to the event to book your place. The competition heats will be held on Saturday 25th November, and the final will be during the Saturday main event at Collingwood Town Hall.

What Happens During the Competition?

If needed, you will first dance in the Heats (most likely Saturday afternoon/early evening). The top dance couples will be selected to go in the Semi-Finals during the Saturday night main event, where two couples battle out at a time. Each couple takes 16x8s twice (taking turns). The judges then choose their preferred couple to go through to the Final. For the Final, each couple 8x8s twice (taking turns) and then finishes with an all-skate. Did we mention it’s a FAST event? Got some aerials ready?

Who are the Judges and What is the Judging Criteria?

We’ll announce the judges soon so check back here. You’ll be judged on technique, creativity and musicality.


If you want to know more, email us at [email protected]. We also recommend you have a look at the Savoy Cup website and Savoy Cup YouTube channel to see past years’ events.