What happens if someone makes a report about me

MIX Reporting Procedures

What happens when a report is made about me?

  • The MIX Safety Team’s next steps when a report is made may vary depending on how a report is made and what the report is about. 
    • Reports can be made at any time during the year, or during MIX.
  • In most circumstances, MIX will contact you by email to provide you with a copy of the report made about you. Please note, in order to protect the privacy and safety of the reporter, the report may be redacted, or provided to you in summary form.
  • If someone has made an anonymous report, their identity will not be included in the information provided to you. Similarly, if a reporter has requested to remain anonymous, we will not provide you with information about their identity. 
  • MIX requires that you do not make any attempt to approach or otherwise contact the person who you believe made a report about you while the reporting process is in progress. Any attempt to do so will be considered by MIX to be harassment, and will be considered by the Safety Team when assessing whether you pose a risk to attendees of our event. 
  • When we provide you with the report made about you, we will notify you of what (if any) action we are considering taking in response to the report.
  • We will then give you an opportunity to comment on the report made about you and to provide us with a response that may include your version of the events.
  • You will usually be provided with 14 days to respond to us. You will be allowed the full time specified to make or elaborate on any response, even if you reply to us on the first available day. 
  • At the end of the allocated response time (whether or not we receive a response from you), the MIX Safety Committee will consider the information available in relation to the report. 
  • We will then proceed to make a decision. This process is taken very seriously and may take some time. 
  • Decisions relating to whether or not any given individual is allowed to attend MIX are based on the following considerations which include, but are not limited to:
    • Whether or not the person poses a risk to attendees of MIX
    • Whether or not the person poses a risk to a single potential attendee of MIX
    • Whether or not the person is likely to repeat the reported behaviour at MIX or at any other time. 
    • Whether or not MIX has the resources to manage any risk that the person poses to attendees of MIX.
    • The need to provide an environment that is safe, and is seen to be safe. 
    • Any other factor relevant in the circumstances. 
  • Based on the above assessment, the MIX Safety Team may impose one or more of the following outcomes, which include but are not limited to: 
    • an official warning about your behaviour; 
    • an official warning about your behaviour and a direction about the standards of behaviour we require from you at any upcoming events;
    • a temporary or permanent ban from MIX. 
  • We may also respond to you and say that we have considered the report and that no action from you is necessary. 
  • You should not approach the affected person, or any person you consider may have reported your behaviour.  In the event that you wish to convey an apology to the affected person, you must contact MIX and ask us to approach the person on your behalf. 

What happens next?

Any decision made by the MIX Safety Team is for the purposes of ensuring safety at MIX. We will proceed to inform the person who made the report about what decision we have made. If we have issued a ban to you from attending MIX, your name will appear on the list of people who are not welcome at MIX. That list is a private list, the purpose of which is to allow the ban to be monitored. On the list, your name will not be associated with the reason for banning you. 

Please note, MIX may share the fact that a report has been made about you and the outcome of the report process with other schools and events. 

Otherwise, the entirety of the reporting process is kept private. Your information is not shared with any other attendee of MIX. 

What if I have been previously banned from MLX and want to attend the event in the future?

  • Some bans issued by MLX are indefinite. If you have been banned indefinitely, you are not welcome to attend MLX or any of its associated events at any time in the future. If you attempt to attend any part of MLX, we will contact the police immediately. 
  • Some bans are issued for a number of years. If your ban from MLX has expired, you must contact MLX in advance of registration.  In contacting us, you should provide relevant information about why you do not present a potential risk to MLX attendees, should you be allowed to attend. If, based on the information you have provided to us, we propose to allow you to attend MLX, we will contact the person(s) who made a report about you and provide them with the opportunity to respond to us in relation to our potential decision. We will consider their response and their position seriously. 

Based on our consideration of the information provided by you, the information provided by the person who made a report about you, and any other information we consider relevant, we may take the following actions which include but are not limited to:

  • We may allow you to attend MLX;
  • We may allow you to attend MLX with strict directions about your behaviour during MLX;
  • We may extend your ban from MLX. 

Please note:

  • Rehabilitating poorly-behaved individuals is not the role or responsibility of MLX. 
  • It is the responsibility of every attendee of MLX to manage their own behaviour. 
  • It is the responsibility of individuals about whom a report has been made to improve their behaviour. 

Mensline Australia: 1300 78 99 78

1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732 

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

Life Line for crisis support: 13 11 14

Men’s Referral Service: 1800 065 973

Please note, if you have previously received a ban from MLX and that ban has ‘expired’, you are NOT welcome to purchase a ticket to future MLX events without contacting us first. Our refund policy will apply strictly to any passes purchased without first contacting us. Our ‘contact the police’ policy will apply if you attempt to gain entrance to single events without first contacting us.