This year’s amazing line-up of DJs includes:

Julia Wharington (Melbourne)

It’s all about the music, right? No music, no feels, no fun. When Julia started dancing she discovered quickly that the DJ had such a huge influence on her enjoyment of the night. This is what drew her to DJing. She wanted to see if she could create an awesome time for the dancers in the room. Julia always aims to mix it up and play a variety of styles and tempos, all depending on the time of night, mood in the room, and reaction of the crowd. As an omni-dancer herself, she loves the challenge of playing tunes that get everyone’s toes tapping, fingers snapping, and feet flying across the dance floor, no matter whether it’s Lindy Hoppers, Balboa or Shag dancers. She is super excited to play all that awesome swingin’ jazz for your dancing pleasures at MLX!

Trevor Hutchison (Melbourne)

As an enthusiastic collector of vintage jazz and blues music, Trevor is a sought after Swing DJ and has DJed at events all around Australia.

A long-time stalwart of the Perth scene, he has also featured as a guest DJ on Yehoodi Radio (USA), the Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden) and supported legendary sax blower Big Jay McNeely.

Expect to hear an eclectic mix that leans into gems from the swing era, with both classics and new surprises.

Vanessa Nimmo (Melbourne)

Woman dancing leaning to the side

Vanessa spent most of her childhood either playing music or dancing to it, and if she had known that social dancing existed outside books she would have been much happier about the idea of growing up. She loves making the party happen for dancers, be it a solid big band swing party for over a thousand people at Melbourne’s White Night or a groovy blues party for 20 people at a local social dance.

Vanessa also likes blowing the lid on DJ secrets, the biggest of which is that DJ prep means listening to awesome jazz and blues all the time. What could be better? She is looking forward to celebrating the original dancers of swing and jazz at MLX!

Shaz Callaghan (Gold Coast)

Shaz loves all kinds of music. She loves the kind that makes you holler, tap your feet, shimmy all over, shake what your mama gave you, or shuffle off to Buffalo. For Shaz it doesn’t get better than music and dancing, whether it’s having a boogie in the lounge room or swinging out on a packed ballroom floor in New York City. Shaz is quite a klutz and somewhat technologically challenged, however when she manages to play music people seem to have a good time. Shaz regularly plays tunes in whatever town she finds herself and has been fortunate enough to DJ at Jumptown Jam, Melbourne Swing Festival, Canberräng, 1929’s Sweet & Hot, Little Big Weekend, White Night, Hullabaloo, Swing Camp Oz and the Weekend Wiggle. She’s super happy to be DJ-ing at MLX!

Alice Roberts (Sydney)

Alice dances and DJs in sunny Sydney. She loves jazz and has been DJing at local social dances and events since 2009. In her sets you will hear Basie, Hamp, clapping, Hammond organ, and that version of Easy Does It. You know the one.

Alice has DJed at many events around Australia including Little Big Weekend, Sydney Swing Festival, Sydney Lindy Exchange, Hullaballoo, Canberräng, Slowdown, Jazz Bang, Melbourne Lindy Exchange, and Melbourne Swing Festival.

Sam Carroll (Sydney)

Sam loves jazz. What type of jazz? Basie said it best: “Four solid beats to the bar and no cheating!” Sam DJs for lindy hoppers and balboa dancers, and her usual goal is: manic crazed adrenaline junky party. The best men for that job are Count Basie and Lionel Hampton, and of course, in front of every good man is a good woman: Mary Lou Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, or Billie Holiday. Yes, Sam likes a big serve of meat and potatoes. Nothing complicated here.
Sam’s been DJing since 2004, and got into lindy hop in 1998 because she loved jazz. International DJ Sam Carroll has most recently been a staff DJ at Herrang Dance Camp (2014-2019), Lindy Focus in the USA (2018), Snowball in Sweden (2016), Authentic Jazz Festival in Seoul (2015), Seoul Lindyfest (2016-2018), the Melbourne Lindy Exchange (2005-2018), and the Melbourne Swing Festival. She’s been head DJ for a bunch of events (including MLX, MSF, SSF, and SLX), and she is the  manager and head DJ for Jazz BANG, and Jazz with Ramona.
All because she loves jazz.

Brodie (Melbourne)

Brodie is well known as an insufferable blues nerd whose passion for the music led him straight to the DJ booth back in 2013. Since then he’s become a regular fixture around the Australian blues scene. He’s currently the resident DJ at Swing Patrol’s Sunday Blues Night, and has DJd at blues exchanges like Blues Before Sunrise, Southern Blues, Borderline Blues, and Hearken the Blues, as well as the blues rooms at other events such as MSF, Canberrang, and even MLX! Brodie loves the blues in all its forms, and across all its history, jamming classic Chess Records tracks alongside new releases from the artists who are keeping the blues alive today.

Naomi West (Melbourne)

Naomi’s Blues sets celebrate the strong women and the African American roots of Blues music whilst showcasing a wide variety of Blues styles and sub genres. She has a soft spot for Mississippi Hill Country and Delta Blues.

Naomi has been fortunate enough to travel through the home of the Blues and spent most of her travel budget on music. Aside from being so unbelievably satisfying, DJing Blues for dancers gives her the opportunity to get her money’s worth and share her favourites with the dance community. Naomi is a regular DJ at Swing Patrol’s Blues venues and has kept the Blues Rooms open late at Melbourne Swing Festival and Melbourne Lindy Exchange. She has been invited interstate to DJ at Southern Blues (SA), SwingMania (TAS) and Brisbane Lindy Exchange (QLD).

Tyler Holmes (Melbourne)

Since learning to dance, Tyler has always been interested in the connection between dance and music, driving him to learn many swing era dances and to try and find the soul of the music that makes it happen. His passion for vintage tunes and original recordings have driven him to amass a collection of hot jazz right out of the 1930s/40s, with a special place in his heart for Charlie Barnet, Gene Krupa, and Jimmie Lunceford. Tyler has been DJing since as soon as people would let him near the sound system, and enjoying every moment.  Expect to hear a lot of happy, swinging tunes while Tyler is on deck.

Celia King (Melbourne)

Celia loves dancing to Buddy Guy, Etta James and Gary Clark Jr and would gladly play a whole set of just their songs, if it weren’t for all the other great music out there. She grew up listening to her mum’s collection of Blues, everything from Mississippi delta blues to Chicago blues to wailing cowboy blues (which she promises not to play). She’s looking forward to spending time with Melbourne dancers and digging deep into her Blues and slow Jazz collection.