Vanessa Nimmo

VaNeSsA NiMmO (MeLbOuRnE)

Vanessa started dancing to help out a friend who didn’t want to try it out alone, and realised years later she should really have thanked that friend for introducing her to something so awesome. When not dancing, she writes and teaches music, and DJs so that she has to spend loads of time listening to jazz and blues music. Vanessa’s DJ highlight to date was having over a thousand people grooving to solid big band swing at Melbourne’s White Night, and her absolute favourite thing about DJing is seeing what everyone does with her music on the dance floor. If she had known that social dancing still existed outside of books she would have been much happier about the idea of growing up.

Favourite 90s inspiration:
Butterfly clips, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and saving up to buy a discman.

Julia Wharington

JuLiA WhArInGtOn (MeLbOuRnE)

It’s all about the music, right? No music, no feels, no fun. When Julia started dancing she discovered quickly that the DJ had such a huge influence on her enjoyment of the night. This is what drew her to DJing. She wanted to see if she could create an awesome time for the dancers in the room. That and the fact that she frequently gets carried away searching for new songs and the new songs just need trying out on a dancing audience, be it Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag or Blues! Julia always aims to mix it up and play a variety of styles and tempos, all depending on the time of night, mood in the room, and reaction of the crowd. She’s super excited to play all that awesome jazz and blues for your dancing pleasures at MLX!

Favourite 90s memory:
Headbanging to Nirvana and Tool in the grunge clubs while wearing colourful sequin crop tops and sparkly eye shadow.

Max Pogonowski

MaX PoGoNoWsKi (SyDnEy)

Max has been on the interstate DJ circuit for a few years now playing for Swing and Blues dancers at events such as Southern Blues, Hullabaloo, SLX, SCOz and Canberrang. He just loves strong female voices such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves, Ernestine Anderson and Dee Dee Bridgewater. You’ll hear a lot Basie in his Swing repertoire, and his Blues sets contain a wide range of music from Chicago to New Orleans Blues, funk, soul, ballads, ultra slow blues, and anything with a killer piano solo.

Max kept the back room pumping until 7am with over 4 hours of music on Saturday night last MLX and can’t wait to give it another shot!

Along with the favourites, every single set Max plays has at least one track in it that he’s never played at an exchange before, so there’s always something new to look forward to.

Favourite 90s memory:
I used to love rollerblading, I went everywhere on those things. Also, playing Quake in computer class because everyone already knew what a floppy disk was.

Andy Fodor

AnDy FoDoR (MeLbOuRnE)

Andy began DJing in Canada in 1999 (yes he’s officially qualifies for this year’s theme) and loves playing anything by the swing legends – Fitzgerald, Simone, Basie and Ellington. And he loves the new stuff by Naomi Uyama, Gordon Webster, Jonathan Stout, Hot Sugar Band and Australia’s own Jessie Gordon. Comfortable playing swingin’ lindy and blissful blues, his energy and personality comes across in each set. Having played all over Australia, as well as sets in NZ and Canada, eh! it’s great to have Andy return for another MLX.

Favourite 90s memory:
I started my swing journey fully immersed in the swing revival in Canada. I remember dressing up in a 3 sizes too large red polo shirt and khaki gap pants, and (being underage) I snuck into the local Irish rock pub – The Sticky Wicket – to see Halifax’s own “Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra”. I thought their fast songs heavily influenced by rockabilly and ska was simply the most amazing thing I’ve heard. Then I found real swing music and Lindy Hop, swapped the khakis for Modrobes (yes, that’s was a thing!), and I was hooked!

Kenneth Gosnold

KeNnEtH GoSnOlD (PeRtH)

Originally from Adelaide and now living in Perth, Kenneth Gosnold learned to DJ in Adelaide where he fell in love with blues and swing dancing as well as DJing for dancers. When not DJing, Kenneth likes to forage for new music in bins, and grumble about people not liking Glenn Miller, Kenneth’s key inspirations from the 90s he has continued to embrace include afternoon naps, and a love of music (tastes may have changed, but he’s not afraid to put his foot into new things, and then out and then back in, then generally shake it all about.)  He is very much looking forward to DJing at MLX!!

Loz Yee

LoZ YeE (MeLbOuRnE)

Loz brings enthusiasm and joie de vivre to her dancing and DJing. From phat big band beats to a bit of ye olde jazz fiddle, slow, sweet, fast or fiery, Loz is a fan of all things swing and it’s her number one goal to keep your toes a’tappin and your fingers snapping.

Favourite 90s memory:
The year was 1997, I was in year seven at school in Geelong and my mum let me go to the Hanson in-store concert in Southland shopping centre car park. It was the best day of my life! MMMBop!

ShAz CaLlAgHaN (GoLd CoAsT)

Shaz loves all kinds of jazz music. She loves the kind that makes you want to holler, tap your feet, swing out like a fiend, shake what your mama gave you, or shuffle off to Buffalo. She also has a thing for swing music with fiddles. Shaz is quite a klutz and somewhat technologically challenged, however when she manages to play music, people seem to really like dancing to it. As a regular DJ in her local scene, Shaz has also DJ’d around the traps including Swing Camp Oz, The Shiny Stockings Ball, Sweet & Hot, Melbourne Swing Festival, Slowdown, Sydney Swing Festival, Canberräng and Hullabaloo. Shaz is pleased as punch to be invited to play at MLX again and hopes to see lots of happy feet on the floor!

My great 90s loves:
TLC, Salt n Pepa, Janet, Tori Amos and sounds out of Seattle, Wayne’s World & Clueless and Glitter. Lol, I only just made it, the end of 1999. But yes, I found swing dancing!

Tim Jones

TiM JoNeS (MeLbOuRnE)

Tim Jones has been DJing for lindy hop and blues dancers since 2009, and for himself since he first figured out how to put the Electric Light Orchestra on his Dad’s turntable. For swing music, he’s a big fan of the badass grooves from the 30s and early 40s, and for blues music he likes to play music that sounds like a good whisky. Melbourne based, he can be found dancing: a) in any venue with social dancing or b) while waiting for the kettle to boil at work.

Favourite 90s memory:
In the 90s, I was into the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Don’t worry, it was just a phase. Or WAS it?

SaRaH WhEaToN (MeLbOuRnE)

Sarah has been DJing in Melbourne and at various interstate and international events since the turn of the century.  She started DJing in Melbourne when the scene was relatively young and the music vibe was mostly a mix of modern (Neo) swing and Jump Blues.  As the scene developed, there was a strong shift towards original and vintage swing and there it has pretty much stayed.  As an experienced dancer, Sarah knows what swings hard and what keeps people on the floor for the good, long hours.  She looks forward to DJing at MLX in 2017 where she’ll get to show you a bit more of her music collection than she might otherwise share these days. 🙂

Favourite Memory from the 90s:
I was finishing year 12 in the early 90s and was enjoying exploring music concerts and travelling to the city (from Mt Eliza) for nights out.  Apart from $1 drinks at the Chevron and starring on The Price is Right – one of my fave memories was heading to a Salt N Pepa concert with my mates.  I still love hitting up the dance floor when Push It comes on…..which, sadly, is far too rare these days.  I also loved going to a Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Diesel concert where I was 3rd row from the front but managed to muscle my way to the very front row and got to touch Johnny Diesel’s leather-clad leg.  That moment changed me forever… and was out of character for me – being such a shy flower, and all…

Trevor Hutchison

TrEvOr HuTcHiSoN (MeLbOuRnE)

As an enthusiastic collector of vintage jazz and blues music, Trevor is a sought after Swing DJ and has DJed at events around Australia and internationally. Expect an eclectic mix of swing era gems and anthems, plus a sprinkling of 90s swing revival shockers.

90s Inspiration:
Trevor will be harnessing the spirit of The Animaniacs; Yakko, Wakko and Dot, to bring frenetic joy and energy to the dancefloor.