no way, man, check out the

Bands so hot you’ll think the dance floor is made of lava!

 AnDrEw DiCkEsOn’s BlUe RhYtHm BaNd

Andrew Dickeson’s Blue Rhythm Band is a small band built from the rhythm section out. This is a band for dancers.

They do what Basie did.

They play 4 solid beats to the bar and no cheating.

You can watch them in action here, here, here and here.

Andy Swann's Hot Swing Orchestra

 AnDrEw SwAnN’s HoT sWiNg OrChEsTrA

Comprising some of Melbourne’s greatest jazz musicians, Andrew Swann has based this 10 piece band on the classic Count Basie jam session lineup that featured in the film “The Sound of Jazz”, released in 1957 (watch it here).

This film featured the greatest jazz musicians of the day in one of the greatest “arranged” jam sessions of all time.

Andrew Swann takes the spirit of this Count Basie session and mixes it with a repertoire from the Duke Ellington songbook to Chicago speakeasy and down home New Orleans.

Let it Roll!!

Sandra's Shifafa on the Side

 SaNdRa’s ShIfAfA oN tHe SiDe

Get ready to chow down on this scrumptious assortment of home-cooked goodies. They are the cream in the Fitzroy coffee, the icing on the Collingwood cake, the Brunswick brunch. These six top classic jazz chefs, er, musicians from down home Melbourne town will tantalise your ear buds and put the ‘licious back in your booty. Steve Grant on trumpet, Rob Moffat on Trombone, Jason Downes on reeds, Peter Baylor on guitar, Richard Mander on bass and Sandra Talty on drums and vocals, this delectable fusion of flavour-makers is sure to hit the spot, offering a swinging menu of jazz with all the trimmings.

Georgia Brooks Swingtet

 GeOrGiA bRoOkS sWiNgTeT

The Georgia Brooks Swingtet brings to the stage a lively repertoire of jazz tunes from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Focused on the spirit of jazz as dance music the Swingtet will have you tappin’ your toes and jiggling about in your seat to the rhythm of swingin’ jazz. We’ll be making sure there’s some room for a dance floor too!

Coming from a strong background of classical & jazz vocals and as a seasoned swing dance instructor Georgia has assemble some of Melbourne’s finest musicians playing some choice repertoire to cook up a storm on stage and on the dance floor!

You can check out the band live in action here and here.

The Sugarfoot Ramblers

 ThE sUgArFoOt RaMbLeRs

The Sugarfoot Ramblers are a group of young musicians from Melbourne who have studied and played contemporary jazz styles, but also share a love of traditional jazz.  After spending time in New Orleans, Travis Woods and Daniel Berry decided to form this band to explore the classic traditional jazz repertoire. The Sugarfoot Ramblers are Travis Woods (trumpet), Chris Vizard (trombone), Jon Hunt (clarinet), Matt Hayes (banjo), Hiroki Hoshino (bass) and Daniel Berry (drums).

You can check them out here and here.